The Truth About Carpenter Ants

carpenter ant control in DallasThe carpenter ant is the most common pest ant discovered in the Northern US. In their natural habitat, ants are extremely valuable creatures. In addition they seek out damp wood to create their nests in (wet wood is simpler to chew through than dry!) and as they do this, they help dispose of rotten wood, decomposing fallen trees and rotten old stumps.
Carpenter ants can eat a broad variety of food, with respect to the place and areas where they nest. When inside, they are able to feed on sugar, jelly, meats, syrup, honey and sweets which contain protein and sugar and when they may be in outside setting, they are going to eat living and dead insects. One significant point to notice is the fact that although carpenter ant damage wood, they do not eat wood.

Carpenter ants damage wood by excavating and creating galleries and tunnels. These regions are clean, i.e. they don’t include sawdust or other debris, and are smooth, with a nicely sanded look. The damage to wood structures is changeable. The more a colony exists in a construction, the more the damage that may be carried out. If structural wood is weakened, carpenter ant damage may be serious.

Identifying a carpenter ant problem is sometimes as easy as seeing foraging ants in the home. Other signs of action comprise winged carpenter ants appearing from inside your house, damaged wood as well as the look of “frass”. These wood ruining ants are most active during the night which is usually the most effective time to seek out their nest. Winged carpenter ants are the reproductive members of the colony as well as their appearance is with the aim of starting new colonies. In addition, this is a certain signal that action has already been present.

Carpenter ants often favor places which are damp and tend to create primary colonies in these areas. Their primary colony has to possess a continuous supply of moisture to live and is usually an underground nest which is included of chambers and interconnecting tunnels where food is kept, eggs are laid and nurseries are kept. Other likely areas to get primary or principal carpenter ant colonies have been in dead wood outside. Including tree stumps and tree limbs. Inside houses places which have excessive wetness supply perfect conditions for a main colony. Leaking pipes, badly ventilated rooms and water damaged wood are outstanding examples of where you are able to discover an recognized ant colony inside. Satellite colonies comprise of active workers which might be in charge of all the carpenter ant task in the house. They’re usually located inside wall voids, in lofts and insulating material and might even be discovered in hollow doors.

In the event you are already coping with the infestation contacting an area pest management firm for carpenter ant control in Dallas is recommended. That is because skilled professionals understand the best way to recognize and find nests nicely from your construction and can remove the whole people not only the workers which are in your house. Doityourself carpenter ant treatments, ant cups and sprays just kill those you see roaming about and will not totally remove the issue. Pest management technicians are trained at finding nesting websites in and outside and can execute a control strategy which solves the whole issue. They might also point out trouble areas around a construction that, if left unaddressed, may bring new colonies.