Termite Illustrations and What To Look For

If you suspect you may have a termite problem, having termite illustrations on hand as a reference point can be a very valuable tool. If you are unsure be sure to contact a company that has mastered pest control in Tampa Bay, FL or elsewhere. You can find them in many places including your local library. Simply find a book on termites and then look at the illustrations that are provided. Most libraries have copy machines that allow you to make copies for a small fee. More importantly, and probably much more easily found are the termite illustrations that you can find on the Internet. I did a Google search and was able to come across hundreds and hundreds of websites that feature termite illustrations that show fine detail of termites and what each specific termite looks like. You see, within a termite colony, there are five different classifications of termites and each of them have a unique appearance. Worker termites resemble ants only they are white instead of black. They have soft bodies and are less than a centimeter in length. Soldier termites resemble the workers except they have a larger head with pincers that extend out. Soldier termites are responsible for protecting the colony. Winged reproductive termites are even larger than the soldier termite. They are distinguished by their larger, elongated body and their wings. Winged termites are known to swarm during certain times of the year and are responsible for producing and laying eggs that will sustain the colony and replenish its members. The king and queen termites are close in resemblance and are the largest in the colony. The king is smaller than the queen and has a darker color, elongated body. The queen is the largest of the termites and has a very large, elongated body that is whitish in color. Both the king and queen make sure the colony is working smoothly along with reproductive responsibilities. When artists do termite illustrations, they try and include as much detail in them as possible so that the everyday person will be able to distinguish not only the termite in general, but the different termites within the colony as well. Being able to identify specific characteristics of the various members of a termite colony can help you realize how far your problem has gotten. Once you compare your insects to the termite illustrations you have accumulated, you can tell the exterminator how serious the problem is and they can formulate a plan to get rid of the infestation. Look for termite illustrations where you can and keep them on hand for easy reference. It’s a good idea if you own any structures or crops because termites can wreak devastation before you even know it.